May 27, 2013

sukan kerajaan tempatan.

untuk pertama kalinya aku menjunam sukan majlis,fuh~~not bad jugak..
as player nettball n pmbantu jurulatih syokk wooo..
1st game vs MPkuantan kalah 3.9.
2nd vs MDcameron HGLNS..20-0
3th vs MDMaran 17-1
4th vs MPTemerloh 15-1
final vs MPkuantan..9-5..
even dihentam di judge kena tipu dengan MPK..slip gaji sampai tepi padang diorng pegang ..kiteorng tetap winning women.. n the best kontijen..wink wink..kasi bangga sikit YDP DaTo Syed..

May 20, 2013


What more do you want to hear from me?

Is there anything you wish to see?
A joke? A laugh? A smile? A cry?
A scream? A song? A lullaby?

See i know we are not who we were
i live in denial, remember?
So please don't ask me to open my eyes
don't wanna wake up and realize--

the honeymoon's over
that i should better
be mature.

I'm sorry i do not know what to say
do understand i'm breaking, but hey
when you tell me that you are leaving
don't think i did not see it coming

see, of course i saw we no longer
having stuff we enjoy together
but can we play along our part
and not parade this change of heart?

Are you really sure
that we off better
and over?

What more can i say when you wish to leave today
i wont break down now and burst
but --

would you like to have one last breakfast